Friday, 16 December 2011

The One-of-a-Kind OnLive Web Browser is Ready for Release According to OnLive CEO Steve Perlman

Prior to last week, the most awaited OnLive feature that users had been constantly speculating over was the OnLive Mobile App / Universal OnLive Wireless Controller. However, with last week’s release of the OnLive Android App, and the pending release of the iOS App, OnLive users now move their attention to the next big OnLive release. The current feature that OnLive users are now waiting for the most, has to be the OnLive Web Browser. A web browser that will allow OnLive users to access flash content from an iPad, and connect to bandwidth intensive websites at connection speeds that are unattainable in today’s mobile world.

Previously OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman said that he had hoped that the web browser would be released in the Summer of 2011. However, in a recent interview he said that there have been some unexpected holdups.

“The OnLive Web Browser exists and we would have released it with this release (OnLive Mobile App), but we found that people are using it so much that we decided that we are going to see what the load is like on the servers for just game play,” explained Perlman. “It’s just too risky to go and put it all out at once.”

“We’ve never released on anywhere near as many devices, all at once, as what we just did on December 8th. We can’t exactly predict when all of these devices are going to go live, and just don’t know what the reaction is going to be (to the Android/iOS release). Who knows how many people are going to go and decide to do cloud gaming on a tablet? We can’t just go and throw a rough number out there. There hasn’t ever been anything like it before, and we learned a lesson in the UK, because we got slammed when we launched there. So we’re just being very cautious.”

When OnLive released in the UK back in September, the company was not entirely prepared for the huge influx of new users. They thought it was going to be huge, but not as huge as it ended up being. With the recent OnLive Mobile App release, which potentially could bring in more users than the UK launch, OnLive is being more cautious this time around.

“What we are going to do is let things stabilize, and then the browser will come out,” said Perlman.

When we questioned him about what OnLive had planned for 2012, he did confirm that “The long awaited browser will come.”

Perlman did apologize to OnLive fans for the fact that OnLive did not anticipate such a large response during the UK launch, and attributed that to the fact that the browser has been delayed a bit. You can really tell that Perlman hates disappointing his fans, and he was truly apologetic for the delay.

“The good news is that people like OnLive. The bad news is that people like OnLive. We are trying to keep pace,” stated Perlman.

This could not be any closer to the truth. The main reason for many of these delays is because people have fallen in love with OnLive, to an extent that the company did not expect. OnLive will certainly keep pace, and while the OnLive Web Browser has been delayed, it doesn’t sound as though we will be waiting too much longer.

So for those of you unfamiliar with what the OnLive Web Browser is and what it will be used for, we will try and provide some details. It is a web browser similar to your typical browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. However, where it differs, is that it is run in the cloud. This means that websites that run bandwidth intensive applications such as flash will be loaded by high end servers with extremely fast connections to the internet. This will then be streamed to your device, whether it be a tablet, smartphone, television, PC or Mac, just like OnLive streams video games to these same devices. The results are incredible, especially on tablets and smartphones that normally would take several minutes to load up a flash based website. Using the OnLive Web Browser these will load almost instantly. With this said, Perlman doesn’t expect it to replace traditional web browsers.

“Whether it’s a tablet, or whether it’s a PC or Mac, you do have a browser,” said Perlman. “We don’t feel the need to completely replace the browser you have. What we would rather do is give you a browser that accelerates things that are tough to do with a local browser.”

Back in July, Perlman said that the OnLive Web Browser would be free for all users.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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