Friday, 16 December 2011

NinjaBee Talks About Porting A Kingdom For Keflings to the OnLive Service and Including Touch Controls

When OnLive introduced its touch controls this past week, they also released a game that works extraordinarily well with these new controls. That game was A Kingdom for Keflings, from developer NinjaBee. NinjaBee is an indie game developer, founded in 2004, and located in Orem, Utah. They are a division of Wahoo StudiosOnLiveFans had the opportunity to ask Andrew Hill, the company’s PR and Marketing Manager some questions:

OnLiveFans: What is your name and position you hold with NinjaBee?

Andrew Hill: My name is Andrew Hill and I’m the PR and Marketing Manager at NinjaBee.

OnLiveFans: When did you first get in contact with OnLive? Did you contact them, or did they contact you?

Andrew Hill: Our first contact with OnLive came back in 2010 at GDC in San Francisco. We’d heard of OnLive and we’d seen some advertising (since they’d completely plastered the convention center with it), but truth be told, we had no idea what it was. We were curious, so we tracked them down and listened to them pitch the service. The owners of our studio are emphatic that digital distribution is the future of gaming, so as soon as they explained how the cloud gaming system worked we were sold. At the time we were in the final stages of development on A World of Keflings for XBLA, as well as a couple other projects and just didn’t have the manpower to make an OnLive game happen. So it got put on the shelf for about a year until we were finally ready to pick it up again. As it turns out, the wait was perfect for us, because developing the game a year later allowed us to implement touch controls and support of the OnLive Player App, which means that with OnLive you’ll be able to play A Kingdom for Keflings on mobile devices like the iPad 2, Android tablets and even on some smartphones!

OnLiveFans: What do you think OnLive users will like the most about A Kingdom for Keflings?

Andrew Hill: It’s hard to say exactly what the best part of the game is. A Kingdom for Keflings was a huge hit on XBLA, but is played by a wide spread of gamers who seem to like the game for different reasons. If I had to assign the game a genre I’d maybe call it a casual RTS… with no conflict… with a major tycoon-game-like emphasis on resource management… and nobody loses. Is that clear as mud?

For anyone who doesn’t know what the game is all about, essentially you’re a giant who’s trying to help a village of cute, tiny people called Keflings build their medieval kingdom and eventually build them a castle. This is the kind of game that just sucks you in and before you know it, two hours just went by.

The game released on (Thursday) as part of the OnLive Mobile App roll-out. It’s one of only two or three games that support touch with native controls and not virtual gamepad or the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller.

OnLiveFans: Will the OnLive version include the DLC?

Andrew Hill: At launch, the game won’t include the DLC but could possibly get the map pack add-ons in the future.

OnLiveFans: What made you decide and pick A Kingdom for Keflings as your first OnLive port?

Andrew Hill: A Kingdom for Keflings is hands-down the most popular game we’ve developed and we were convinced that of all the games in our portfolio, this one would be the most wished for. Actually, for a long time this was an Xbox-exclusive game. One of my favorite things about OnLive (from a gamers perspective) is how I’ve been able to play games (like Trine for example) that are only available on a console I don’t own. I’m personally really happy that Keflings can get a chance to do that for people who’ve never played it because they don’t own a 360.

OnLiveFans: Do you have plans to bring any other games to the service?

Andrew Hill: There’s nothing specific that I can speak of at the moment, but we definitely plan to see more NinjaBee games make their way onto OnLive.

A Kingdom for Keflings is truly a unique game, that everyone should at least demo.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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