Sunday, 18 December 2011

Interview with Alan Wilson of Tripwire Interactive – Red Orchestra 2 OnLive Release Update

Alan Wilson of Tripwire Interactive, a small independent American studio from Georgia, spoke with OnLiveFans about their plans for the release of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (RO2) on the OnLive platform. They also asked Alan a few questions about OnLive. Here is their interview:

OnLiveFans: What made you decide to release The Ball and RO2 for OnLive? Did OnLive come to you or did you go to them?

Alan Wilson, Vice-President of Tripwire Interactive: The Ball was our test case to find out what was involved – we had just released the game, so it seemed like a reasonable choice. I think we’d been in touch with OnLive beforehand, as we were interested in seeing how the whole cloud gaming thing worked.

OLF: What’s involved from your side in porting RO2 to OnLive? Is the port difficult?

Alan Wilson: We’re subcontracting the work out – but it is relatively complex. All the Steam integration (achievements, server browser, etc.) has to be replaced…

OLF: When can we expect to see RO2 hitting the OnLive Market Place? Before the end of 2011 or early 2012?

Alan Wilson: Q1 or Q2 2012.

OLF: Will RO2 have full implementation of your great achievements and progress system?

Alan Wilson: Hopefully.

OLF: Are you working on any other new games at the moment? Are there any plans in place to bring these to OnLive?

Alan Wilson: Yes and considering it!

OLF: From your experiences with OnLive, what did you enjoy most while working with them?

Alan Wilson: They’ve been pretty easy to work with – very keen to help us.

We look forward to enjoying some realistic WW2 shooter action in the first half of 2012, if not sooner! Clean your flutes, tune your banjos, and practice your aim… Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad will invade OnLive with the melody of war soon!

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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