Saturday, 17 December 2011

FortressCraft and Steam Heroes Will Have Touch Support for OnLive

OnLiveFans held a live chat session with some of their members. They were also fortunate enough to have game developer Adam Sawkins (DjArcas) of ProjectorGames stop by and talk. He discussed many OnLive related issues, as well as the progress he is making in bringing three of his games, FortressCraft, Steam Heroes and SkyKids, to the cloud gaming service.

Steam Heroes will be released for OnLive first, and the other two games will follow. DjArcas informed them that all of his games will be brought to the OnLive PlayPack and will have touch controls enabled. He even said that he went out and purchased a 24 inch touch screen device in order to test the games out on.

Steam Heroes should be finished, on his end, within two weeks, and then once it passes all of OnLive’s tests, it will go live on the service. FortressCraft and SkyKids will be released thereafter.

DjArcas also talked about how he believed the PlayPack was the best option for developers who make great games. Whereas, if a developer were to publish a game as a PlayPass title, he would make money regardless of if it was a good game or a bad game. However, with the PlayPack, developers are paid based on the amount of time the games are played. He believes that great games would be more profitable to developers if they are published on the OnLive service as PlayPack titles. This is why he plans to release all his games to the PlayPack on OnLive.

DjArcas also told them that he has full intentions to bring all of the updates to OnLive as they become available for his current games. Although he could not assure them that they would be released at the same time as on other platforms, because he is not sure what OnLive requires. He also stated that these three games that he intends to bring to OnLive would never work on an iPad without the help of OnLive.

Currently Steam Heroes is only available on Xbox Live, thus OnLive will be the first PC port for the title. They asked him if it was more difficult to port an Xbox Live game to the service, when compared to a PC game. He informed them that it frankly was not. He explained that every Xbox and PS3 game is quite simple to port to OnLive. His reason was that all games have a PC version somewhere, whether there is actually a PC version released to the public or not. 

This is great news to those gamers out there who are hoping to see more console games brought to the OnLive service in the future.

Many OnLive gamers have been hoping to see a game such as Minecraft released for the service. Well, FortressCraft kinda fills that void, even the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, seems to think that the game is basically a clone of his.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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