Monday, 12 December 2011

Football Manager 2012 Might Release On OnLive After All

Back in September there were rumors that the famous Football Manager series could be brought to the OnLive cloud gaming service. In fact, OnLive actually announced that Football Manager 2012 would be ported to their service, when they put out a list of over 30 upcoming games, at OnLive's UK launch during the Eurogamer Expo in London. However, after that announcement, we heard conflicting reports. On the OnLive UK launch day which was September 22, Miles Jacobson the developer of the Football Manager series, said via twitter, “Whilst I’m a fan of the OnLive system, contrary to press reports, we haven’t agreed to bring Football Manager 2012 to the platform at this time.”

Now comes news from Develop Online that Football Manager 2012 remains a real candidate for the OnLive service.

Miles Jacobson sat down for an interview with Develop Online and talked extensively about the future of the game series.

“We’re looking to hire six to ten engineers to work for us, particularly on next generation tech. And when I talk about next generation technology I’m not talking about consoles,” Jacobson told Develop.

“I’m talking more about mobile platforms and what’s happening in the PC and Mac world as well. We’re not looking at coming back to console.”

OnLive just happens to have discovered the holy grail of mobile gaming, with their recent release of their mobile app, that allows gamers to play high-end PC and console-class games on tablets and smartphones. 

“The way mobile technology is going, I think we’re going to get to a stage quite soon – within the next two, three or four years – where mobile tech catches up to where PCs were only a few years ago,” explained Jacobson.

“So if we get to a stage where mobiles and tablets catch up, the decision that we’ve got to make is whether we port across the full experience, or whether we do something that’s more like the handheld versions of Football Manager.”

Jacobson told Develop that Football Manager is a “perfect fit” for OnLive. However, it’s not up to him to decide if the game is released on the service or not. The owning company, SEGA is the one that must agree on it. With that said, Sega already has quite a few titles on the OnLive service.

“There are some Sega titles on OnLive already, so I would be surprised if Football Manager wasn’t on there at some point in the future,” admitted Jacobson. “I’m a big fan of OnLive, and I play most of my PC games through it now.

“There will be people out there playing Football Manager with just the 2D match engine, because they don’t have the GPU or memory, but OnLive can fix that,” he said.

All in all, it seems as though the developer supports the game being ported to OnLive. It is just up to one of OnLive’s current partners, SEGA, to sign the contract and get the ball rolling.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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