Friday, 16 December 2011

Facepalm Games Plans to Bring Award Winning Indie Title The Swapper To OnLive

While there have been no contracts signed or deals reached to bring the game to the OnLive service, FacePalm Games has informed OnLiveFans that they have every intention to bring their game, The Swapper to OnLive upon its release.

“The Swapper is still quite far from release,” said Olli Harjola, a programmer and artist at Facepalm Games. “We’re currently interested in getting the game to OnLive so you can almost realistically expect to see it on the service some day!”

“We’ve been approached by the OnLive guys a few times before but I’ve promised to contact them in the future when things are more clear and the game is more finished,” explained Olli.

Facepalm Games is a developer out of Helsinki, Finland. The Swapper is a game that has already won several awards. It was awarded the IndieCade 2011 Special Recognition Award, and was nominated for the Visual & Audio Award. It has also won the Develop Conference 2011 Indie Showcase award, the Freeplay 2011 Best International Game Award, and was nominated for the 2011 Mindtrek Indie Games award.

Here is a brief synopsis of the game:
The Swapper is a story about treating human beings as objects. It features interesting puzzles and multiplayer based around never-before-seen game mechanics blended with an ambiguous storyline embedded directly into and told throughout the game.

The Swapper is a space-themed ambient sidescrolling puzzle platformer set in a semi-open world. Created by Facepalm Games, the game's main mechanics are set around creating clones and swapping consciousnesses using a special device. One of the original inspirations for The Swapper was P.C. Jersild's novel A Living Soul, a story told from the perspective of a brain separated from a body, living in an aquarium in a research facility. The Swapper inventively leverages its central mechanic to both create puzzles but also to allow story to emerge.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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