Thursday, 15 December 2011

CD Projekt RED Interview About The Witcher 2 OnLive Arrival in the Near Future

OnLiveFans recently had a chance to catch up with the makers of Witcher 2. In a short interview they got further details regarding their master RPG title which will be arriving on the OnLive platform. Here it is:

OnLiveFans: What are the latest plans regarding Witcher 2 and Onlive?

Marcin Momot, CD Projekt RED: The game of course is heading for Onlive. However we can not yet provide an accurate release date. The work under this transition is coming to an end and we are sure that in due time we can cherish the fruits of our work, as well as OnLive’s work on the service.

OnLiveFans: Will Witcher 2 appear on OnLive in the US before the UK? Is this a decision of OnLive or CD Projekt RED?

CD Projekt RED: We are currently planning to release Witcher 2 on the US version of OnLive. This is decided upon technical requirements, however it does not mean that the game will not show up on the UK version as well.

OnLiveFans: What version of the game will OnLive receive?

CD Projekt RED: The latest version, 2.0.

OnLiveFans: What is the probability that Witcher 2 will show up on the OnLive marketplace this year?

CD Projekt RED: We currently have December in mind. We would love to release the game as soon as possible but we cannot currently guarantee a set date.

OnLiveFans: Can OnLive gamers expect future titles from CD Projekt RED to appear on the OnLive platform?

CD Projekt RED: We think that it’s too early to make a statement on this matter. We will first try to get Witcher 2 on the OnLive service, then we can write up future plans with the company.
While Mamot said that the game will be released in the US prior to the UK, previously Michal Nowakowski of CD Projekt RED had this to say: “In the long run, yes The Witcher 2 would be available to UK users as well. Although the game will hit the US market on the platform first. ”

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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