Friday, 30 December 2011

Award Winning Indie Game Orc Attack is Coming to OnLive in 2012

Indie games just keep piling up on the OnLive cloud gaming service, and we shouldn’t expect 2012 to be any different. Gualbert Chateaubrian, Project Director of Casual Brothers, sent out the info, that their hit title Orc Attack will be arriving on the OnLive service toward the end of 2012. The game has already received initial approval by OnLive, and the developers will begin to port it over.

Orc Attack is a third-person cooperative beat 'em up, that may initially remind you of another title currently on the OnLive service, Orcs Must Die. However, the two games are completely different in nature. 

This game will surely entertain you for hours on end with hilarious humor, plenty of flatulence, and an awesome 3D world. 

Check out some of the features of this game:
  • Cooperative combat and Dirty Mode reward players for working together.
  • Four player local and live multiplayer.
  • Four campaigns comprise 25 epic missions.
  • 30+ enemy types, including bosses.
  • Raid, pillage and plunder human camps, collect gold to buy improved weapons and armor.
  • Set free the Orc prisoners to add them to your horde – play as any of the 8 Orc Warriors. Examples are:
    1. Sir Sniff – Acid Burp & Explosive Farts
    2. Doc Turd – Fire Burps & Explosive Farts
    3. Lord Poop – Stone Burp & Double Fart
    4. Friar Krap – Ice Burp & Healing Fart
  • Reclaim the land for all of Orc-kind.
Your enemies are humans, and there are over 30 different enemy types in all, ranging from elite troops, to mutant bugs, and the huge, scary-looking level bosses. 

Orc Attack has won several indie game awards, including the People’s Choice Award at Develop in Brighton in July of 2011.

This is certainly one of those games that you will say “wow” to, when you get a chance to play it, and best of all, it is coming to OnLive. While nothing has been set in stone, the plan right now is to bring the game to OnLive as a PlayPass title initially, and then perhaps offer it in the PlayPack at a later time.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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