Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sid Meier's Pirates! and Tommy Tronic Join the OnLive PlayPack

Yesterday OnLive released Sid Meier's Pirates! and Tommy Tronic for the PlayPack. With these two additions the PlayPack now stands at 122 games and growing.

Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sid Meier's Pirates! is an action strategy game published by 2K Games and developed by Firaxis Games.

Let's hope that Firaxis brings more of their games to OnLive, Civilization V would be a great addition to OnLive.

Based on Sid Meier's original masterpiece, Pirates!, Sid Meier's Pirates! has you facing countless dogged enemies, wooing fair maidens and raising the Jolly Roger on the high seas in pursuit of riches. Discover what it takes to become one of the most famous pirates in history!

Firaxis' Sid Meier's Pirates! carries on with the great game play tradition and design simplicity of the award-winning original while adding more challenging and exciting battle options, eye-popping 3D graphics, fantastic new audio, and loads of new game play features!

Metascore: 88

You can play the free demo of Sid Meier's Pirates! powered by OnLive.

Tommy Tronic

Tommy Tronic is a 2D platformer and adventure game published by Interplay and developed by Ukrainian Oasis Games. Some might think that this game is very similar to a game starring a certain plumber, but when you play it a little you will learn that this is not Mario.

Let's hope that Interplay brings more of their more known games like Fallout, Earthworm Jim, Freespace, MDK, Sacrifice and Messiah to OnLive.

Tommy Tronic: the superlative execution of an extremely difficult trick - a game for all ages! Whether young or old, Tommy Tronic will engage you and keep you curious as to just what will be around the next corner! Set in a sprawling, haunted woodland, the player is taken across 12 levels of child-like imagination and mayhem. Where else will huge angry Carrots chase you? Or mutated Tomatoes upset the food chain? Use power-ups and weapons wisely to progress and keep a keen eye out for secret areas and bonus rooms. With luck, not only will Tommy be reunited with his four-legged chum, you will also give a cruel bully what's coming to him too!

You can play the free demo of Tommy Tronic powered by OnLive.

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