Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Playcast Cloud Gaming Interface by JWT London

Earlier this year the Innovation Lab, part of the Experience Department at JWT London began working with Playcast to create a product for TV and computer audiences.

The aim was to create a gaming portal, giving consumers the ultimate in user experience and social integration in gaming. It allows users to do the following:

-make new friends and invite friends from Facebook,
- challenge friends to play games and share tips,
-Brag and post achievements on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
-Watch highlights from other players
-comment on games
-Record gameplay live and upload it to Youtube for others to watch and vote

JWT have also implemented a user rewards system, with points and profile upgrades for:
-Pre-release access to new titles, deals
-And beta-testing new features.

Publishers can show off new game releases and display the latest news in the gaming market.

Guy Hayward, Chief Executive at JWT UK Group, said: “It’s an honor to be working with the leading cloud gaming company. This proves that JWT's focus on technology and its role in people's lives is transforming the type of work we do. JWT has a history of building brands for the long term; we look forward to doing the same with Playcast.”

Guy de Beer, Chief Executive at Playcast, added: "We provide a media experience which combines the qualities of video games and TV with online streaming and social media. JWT is one of only a handful of creative teams who are able to blend these qualities into an organic user experience with a global application for our European and Asian partners."

Playcast’s cloud gaming service is already live in Europe and in use by PayTV platforms around the world.

Playcast has support by game publishers like Activision, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Disney Interactive StudiosAtari, Capcom, Codemasters and THQ.

The new Playcast cloud gaming user interface sure looks like it borrowed some things from the OnLive UI, but nonetheless it looks interesting. OnLive could learn something from this new Playcast UI and some new OnLive UI skins would be great. OnLive could also put a design studio to work on some new UI concepts or OnLive CEO Steve Perlman, who used to work at Apple, could ask Apple's design team for a little assistance.

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