Thursday, 17 November 2011

OnLive Released Call of Juarez: The Cartel to the Marketplace

Call of Juarez: The Cartel was released to the OnLive marketplace. In the US the game is priced at $49.99. PlayPack subscribers can get it for $34.99. You can rent the game for 3 ($5.99) or 5 days ($8.99). In the UK the game is priced at £19.99 and PlayPack subscribers can get it for £13.99. You can rent it for 3 (£3.99) or 5 days (£5.99). If you are a PlayPack subscriber, all rentals are of course 30% off.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel is an action shooter published by Ubisoft and developed by Polish dev Techland. Let's hope that Techland will soon bring their other games like the first Call of Juarez, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and first and foremost the splendid co-op zombie chopper Dead Island, which is a game already announced by OnLive coming to the cloud gaming service, but sadly delayed multiple times.

When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a U.S. law enforcement agency, the U.S. government puts together a special task force to bring them down. Play as Ben McCall, a brutal LAPD cop and great-grandson of Ray McCall, or Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent with a chronic-gambling habit, or gang-affiliated street kid turned FBI agent, Kim Evans. Each character has special skills and their own personal demons.

As you fight to dismantle the Cartel and unfurl the mystery of the bombing, you'll embark on an epic, bloody road trip from the streets of Los Angeles to the brutal and corrupt Ciudad Juarez. Protect your witness and put an end to the Mendoza Cartel by any means necessary.


Today, drug cartels are the new outlaws. Instead of fighting for gold, men are killing for drugs and money. Organized crime is running cities and there is massive disregard for the law. Experience the lawlessness of today's Wild West as you hunt down the Mendoza Cartel in a world where the ends justify the means.

Your hunt for the Cartel boss takes you on an epic road trip from a meth lab in the Sequoia National Forest to the Cartel headquarters in Ciudad Juarez. With over 10 distinct environments including urban LA brothels and back streets, gritty boat docks, a swanky yacht party, the open deserts in Arizona and New Mexico, a Mexican funeral and more.

If you want to make the game more interesting you can play through the campaign in three player co-op.

Metascore: 47

You can play the free demo of Call of Juarez: The Cartel powered by OnLive.

You can demo and buy the game from the OnLive website for the US and UK.

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