Friday, 18 November 2011

OnLive Enables Game Purchases From the OnLive Website

One request that many OnLive users have been asking for, is the ability to purchase games directly from the OnLive website. Before today, games could only be purchased via the OnLive App, which some users found to make things more time consuming than needed.

Well, OnLive added this highly requested feature which allows users to purchase PlayPass titles (Full, 5-Day, and 3-Day) through the OnLive website in both the US and UK.

To buy a game, all you have to do is:
1) Visit the Games page of the OnLive website in the US or UK.
2) Mouse-over any game you want, and then click on "See Details". You will be directed to the game details page.
3) Click on "Get Game".
4) Order the Game.
5) The game will then go directly into your My Games list on the service.

This comes as a huge benefit to OnLive gamers and to the company itself, as the ability to purchase games from anywhere opens up the opportunity for game purchases on the fly and allows gamers to immediately jump on future OnLive related promotions.

Options include a 3-Day, 5-Day, or Full PlayPass as well as the chance to edit your payment method, preview your order total, and even enter any available Promo Code.

This is a much needed feature that the community has been anticipating for a very long time. Users will now be able to purchase titles easier than ever and even from their mobile devices.

Maybe the addition of this feature is not a coincidence and OnLive is close to releasing the OnLive Player App for iOS and Android. OnLive can remove the in App game buy option from the OnLive Player App for iOS and let gamers purchase the games from their website. This way, OnLive doesn't have to share revenue from sold games in the OnLive Player App with Apple.

SOURCES: OnLiveFans, OnLive Informer.

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