Saturday, 26 November 2011

Northern Ireland Gets a National TV Commercial Promoting OnLive and Gamers Can Purchase the OnLive Game System for Only £9.99

national TV ad for OnLive was released in Northern Ireland. It is promoting the OnLive cloud gaming service as well as their partnership with British Telecommunications

Northern Ireland gamers, like all UK members who have BT as their ISP can sign up for a 3-month free trial of the OnLive PlayPack, which includes a growing library of over 120 different games. Gamers in Northern Ireland and the UK, who are BT subscribers can play all of these games for 3-months, totally free of charge. If they wish to continue the service after the 3 months are up, they can do so for only £6.99/month. OnLive traffic will not count towards BT broadband customers usage allowances until the New Year, regardless of their broadband option.

In addition to the 3 Free months, Northern Ireland gamers can purchase the OnLive Game System, which is normally priced at £69.99 for only £9.99 (Offer ends when all 1,500 OnLive Game Systems at the special offer price have been purchased or by midnight 31st January 2012 – whichever comes first).

Check out the display ad for this promotion below, and be sure to watch the TV Ad.

More information on these deals can be found at

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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