Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Future of Flash on Mobile – Exit: Adobe. Enter: OnLive?

In case you didn’t know, Adobe recently made the radical decision to stop developing mobile versions of Flash, one of its most popular products. The Flash platform is integral to allowing mobile devices access to a variety of Flash content, including videos and games.
Adobe’s exit leaves a gaping hole in the market, one that other companies will be quick to step up and attempt to fill. Companies like iSwifter, which currently offer an iOS app that allows remote flash streaming, are extremely excited about the lucrative possibilities that this presents as they prepare to expand into the Android market.

OnLive has had a cloud based web browser in the works for quite some time, and it has been previously announced that this web browser would feature the ability to run Flash. Thanks to Adobe’s departure, OnLive now has a fantastic chance to capture a significant portion of the mobile market, including many that may have never given OnLive a chance before. They do this by becoming one of the few options available to mobile device owners who wish to run Flash. And unlike iSwifter, or current apps like Skyfire, the amount of gaming content that OnLive’s web browser would also offer beyond mere Flash could help OnLive skyrocket to first place as the go-to method for using Flash on your phone.

However, OnLive needs to strike while the iron is hot. This gap in the market is simply waiting for a company to step in and close it, and companies like iSwifter are preparing to do just that. A quick release of OnLive’s web browser would give a significant boost in awareness of the OnLive service, and offer a whole new reason for users to jump on board.

The potential increase that could be seen in OnLive’s user base is massive, and this increase would undoubtedly have the side-effect of giving more prominent game developers a reason to consider OnLive as a viable platform.

It would be a win for OnLive, and a win for all of us who use it.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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