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Afterfall: InSanity is Coming to OnLive on Friday – Interview with the developers

Last month, we reported that survival horror game, Afterfall: InSanity would be coming to the OnLive service. While Nicolas Entertainment Group had hoped to release the game for OnLive the same time it was released on other platforms, we all know release dates (especially for OnLive) are never set in stone. However, the game will be released for OnLive on November 25, the same date it will also come to the PC, according to Patryk Hamerlak of Nicolas Entertainment Group. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have been delayed until next year.

OnLive will also have a 30 minute free demo of Afterfall: InSanity available when the game goes live. This means that gamers will have the opportunity to play as much of the game as they can for 30 minutes, via the OnLive service. While we couldn’t get 100% confirmation that the game will also be released in the UK on the same day as it goes live in the US, it is believed that it will.

OnLiveFans had the chance to interview Przemyslaw Bartowiak, a programmer at Intoxicate Studios.  They were able to ask him some questions about Intoxicate Studios’ upcoming third person, action, and horror game, Afterfall: InSanity.  They also asked Bartowiak about the process of getting the game onto the OnLive service, and what he thought the most compelling reason OnLive has, to convince developers to bring their games to the service. Check out the full interview and Afterfall: InSanity’s super exciting trailer below.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What role did you play in creating Afterfall: InSanity?

My name is Przemysław Bartkowiak and I’m a programmer with Intoxicate Studios.

What is the rest of your dev team like?

It’s probably the only of its kind; we’ve managed to gather a young, ambitious and passionate team with many talented game designers, graphic artists, level designers and programmers. As passionate gamers ourselves, whose goal is to make computer games for other players, we are really proud of the work we have done so far.

Tell us a bit about the game and a little about the main character from the game.

Afterfall: InSanity is a post-apocalyptic horror-genre game, which serves as the player’s introduction to the Afterfall Universe. The protagonist of Afterfall: InSanity, psychiatrist Albert Tokaj, is a member of the medical team which takes care of the mental and physical well-being of citizens living in the shelter. He specializes in the mental disorder that’s affecting the citizens, caused by being locked-up for too long; even he is not free of its symptoms. He will have to face the dangers lurking in the darkness of the shelter and in his own mind, battling with his own weaknesses and fears.

What kinds of weapons will we be using in the game?

We created a wide variety of weapons, so gamers can choose from an array of shotguns, assault rifles, magnums, submachine guns, and there are also elements of freefighting. To make fighting more exciting we’ve also implemented “fearlock” – a system responsible for representing the influence of fear and adrenalin on the player.

What are your personal favorite features of the game?

It’s not just a “one-time through” kind of game. The first time through you are so busy with fighting and shooting that you don’t have much time to concentrate on the details of the storyline of the wider Afterfall Universe. The surprising and intriguing end of the game changes your view on the whole storyline, and makes you want to play again, to go back and see if you can spot the hints and clues that you might have missed. My other favorite element is the atmosphere of a post – apocalyptic reality and the advanced freefight mechanics.

Where did the inspiration for Afterfall InSanity come from? (What games is it similar to?)

We drew our inspirations from many sources – we made a huge storyline and backstory supported by thousands of photos of real locations. There are other post-apocalyptic games like Fallout, but we wanted to create a game that takes place in our own backyard. Gamers will recognize easily some old-school elements of Polish reality, which makes this game absolutely unique.

What is your favorite feature on the OnLive service?

Our favorite feature is that any user can instantly watch other user’s game play, so if I am interested in buying a game I can watch it in action. Additionally, users can vote on other user’s playing style, so there is an opportunity to socialize and engage with players that have similar styles to your own.

What made your team want to publish your game on OnLive?

OnLive is an extremely important channel to help our company sell the game. But more important is that OnLive makes it easier to play our game. These days people do a lot of traveling and many of them are tired of having to carry around cpu-intensive gamer-level heavy notebooks all the time. With the advent of OnLive, it has the biggest advantage of all time, since only the video signal is transmitted to the user’s computer, so they don’t have to worry about their own hardware anymore.

The second thing is antipiracy. As I mentioned before, the OnLive stream is just the video signal, so playing an illegal copy is impossible.

Do you plan on bringing future games to the OnLive service?

Yes we do. We have finished our current project and we are thinking about the next one, but it’s still very top secret for now.

Was it difficult to get your game onto the service and how long did it take?

It took two weeks to add it into the Unreal Engine. We achieved it so quickly because we have a great programmer who did the integration. Additionally OnLive documentation is very clear and easy to implement. OnLive also gave us great tools for testing and debugging, to see if we had made any mistakes in our implementation. Here we should also mention that OnLive has some really great people in technical support that quickly helped us get back on track, on the few occasions that we ran into challenges.

How do you think OnLive fans can convince other publishers and developers like yourself to bring their games to OnLive? (What do you think is the most compelling reason for publishers to bring their games to OnLive?)

I think the most compelling reason for publishers to bring their games to OnLive is antipiracy and the ability to free gamers from limitations of their hardware.

Any tips for gamers who pick up your game on OnLive this November?

Get ready for a stirring storyline, a unique atmosphere of overwhelming fear, anxiety and awe, a lot of spectacular locations in a post-apocalyptic universe, exciting fights and an awesome soundtrack.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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