Thursday, 13 October 2011

OnLive’s First Football Game Could be New Star Soccer 5

Football, the world’s favorite sport, also exists in video game form. There are great football games out there, and many OnLive users are eagerly awaiting the first of its kind to appear on the cloud gaming service. There have been rumors, and even genuine press releases saying that a couple football games could be coming to OnLive in the future. However, there are many contradicting reports.

Football Manager 2012 was announced at the Eurogamer Expo in September, via a press release and on the announcement board. However, later there were reports that the game has not yet been confirmed to be coming to the service.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) has also been briefly discussed as a game that could end up coming to OnLive. At the Eurogamer Expo, news broke that the game was coming to the service. However, that news was later put in doubt when the game’s name on an announcement board at the event was removed at the very start of the show. PES 2012 was never officially included in any press releases by OnLive or the developer, thus there is plenty of doubt that the game will be coming to the service.

With much doubt surrounding the release of both these games for the OnLive service, there aren’t many football (or soccer if you live in the US) games remaining.

Sure there is FIFA, but OnLive still hasn’t put a game from Electronics Arts on their service yet.

However, there may be a ray of hope! OnLiveFans recently were in contact with Simon Read from New Star Games, and asked him if they were planning on porting any of their titles to the OnLive service.

“I am currently in discussions with a publisher and I know they will be keen to get New Star Soccer 5 on OnLive early next year,” said Read.

While the process still looks as though it is in the early stages, Read seemed to believe that we would see the game released for OnLive, if everything went as planned.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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