Saturday, 22 October 2011

OnLive US Gamers Can Get Any Game on the Service for $1 or Less

As you have likely heard, OnLive challenged the community on thursday. If the OnLive Facebook page could gain 10,000 Likes before Saturday, all current US users would receive a game of their choice for only $1. Well as you can predict the OnLive fanbase shattered this goal in roughly 7 hours and before day’s end the page had gained almost 13,000 Likes. However, the major concern in regards to this contest was all the newly registered users.

But, OnLive has confirmed that they will continue this contest for the newly registered users if their page continues to gain Likes. They have not given an exact number, but the suggested total was 100,000 Likes by the next weekend. Continue spreading the word to help out all the new users that likely registered because of this contest.

1. $1 Game for New OnLive Users or First Time Purchasers

First time OnLive users can now purchase their first game for only $1. This greatly mirrors OnLive’s recent UK launch promotion, where new users to the service could and currently still can purchase their first game for only £1.

If you’re new to OnLive in the US or you have yet to make your first purchase on the service, they would like to welcome you with exclusive savings on your first game. For a limited time, you can get a Full PlayPass to any game for just one dollar!

How it Works:

1. Create a free OnLive account and launch the OnLive app.

2. Choose any game in the Marketplace and select “Full PlayPass”.

3. Get it for a welcome price of just $1.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. What are you waiting for? Go here to sign up.

Terms and Conditions:
For a limited time only, first-time OnLive purchasers may purchase a Full PlayPass for $1.00 . Offer is not valid toward pre-orders. Limit one redemption per household. Available titles are subject to change without notice. Only valid within the contiguous United States while connected to the OnLive Game Service. Game purchases are not transferable. No cash value. Cannot be combined with other offers. ALL GAME SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO RETROACTIVE DISCOUNTS.
This offer is not valid toward pre-orders of OnLive games.

2. $1 or Less Game for OnLive Users Who Have Already Purchased a Game

After the successful Facebook Like contest, OnLive has begun sending out emails to their happy customers. But instead of the $1 Game Codes we expected to receive, OnLive is sending out 98% off codes! This means that any game on the service will be $1 or less. If you decide to purchase a $49.99 title like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the game will only cost $1. If you decide to purchase a $19.99 title, like Split/Second, it would cost a mere 40 cents.

Here is the $1 or less mail by OnLive community manager Matt Jensen:
Thanks to some truly amazing support from our awesome OnLive community, we got 10,000 more OnLive fans on Facebook in just 7 hours, which means I won my bet with my manager, and every OnLive user scored their next Full PlayPass to a game for $1 or less!

Now, the mechanics are a little different for new vs. previous purchasers, so this is what you need to know. If the Likes keep coming, brand-new OnLive users will get their first game for $1. For all of you loyal citizens who got the fire started (but have purchased games before), we’re giving you a thank-you discount of 98% OFF your next purchase. So a dollar or even less, depending on what you go for.
The promo code is good until October 30th at midnight, PDT. It applies to any PlayPass titles on the service, but excludes pre-orders. This email is being sent to all users who have already purchased a game with their OnLive account prior to the contest.

Finally, do not forget to like OnLive on Facebook, so that the $1 OnLive game deal continues for new fellow OnLive gamers!

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