Sunday, 2 October 2011

OnLive To Speak At London Games Conference 2011

More and more each day it seems as if OnLive is truly becoming a major player in the mainstream game industry; especially after the UK launch.

The London Games Conference 2011 is being held on November 10th. This is the third year for the event and, once again, it’s sold out. Over 300 executives from the gaming industry are expected to attend.

OnLive CTO, Tom Paquin, will be speaking. He is in great company with speakers such as Jason Holtman, Head of Biz Dev, Valve; Mike Mauler, International EVP, GameStop; David Bishop, Senior Designer, PopCap; Peter Molyneux, Founder, Lionhead; Ian Livingstone, Life President, Eidos; John Clark, UK MD, Sega; Feargal Sharkey, CEO, UK Music; Nick Parker, Screen Digest; Nicholas Lovell, GamesBrief; Prof. Peter Sommer, Digital Forensics Expert; Guillaume Rambourg,

The London Games Conference is different from E3, PAX and Eurogamer. It is a business and networking conference and the future of gaming is one of the specific topics to be discussed. Also, the issues facing digital distribution will be discussed and OnLive will hopefully be able to convince other game industry leaders that the cloud is the future. It would be great to see the whole industry take a huge leap forward.

A unique aspect of the event is the dinner and networking. Top people from the top game companies are all in one room to share ideas, create partnerships, discuss technologies and inevitably argue their different approaches to modern gaming. With some of the best names in gaming attending, it will be interesting to see what great ideas come out of this event.

It’s great to see OnLive being invited to speak at these events, because most people would agree that they truly best represent the future of gaming.

London Games Conference 2011 Schedule:

4:00pm – Opening Remarks
4:05pm – OPENING KEYNOTE: GameStop (MikeMauler)
4:35pm – The Digital Transition: The Winners and Losers (Nicholas Lovell)
4:55pm – Sega & Digital Distribution (John Clark)
5:15pm – Digital Developers Share Their Secrets (Guillaume Rambourg, and David Bishop, PopCap)
5:35pm – The Future of Video Games (Peter Molyneux & Ian Livingstone)
6:15pm – Coffee Break
6:40pm – What Video Games Can Learn From Music (Feargal Sharkey)
7:00pm – The 5 Events That Will Change Video Games (Nick Parker)
7:10pm – Video Game and Digital Security (Professor Peter Sommer)
7:30pm – OnLive & Cloud Gaming (Tom Paquin)
7:50pm – CLOSING KEYNOTE: Valve (Jason Holtman)
8:20pm – Dinner & Networking

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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