Friday, 21 October 2011

OnLive Shatters Facebook Like Contest in a Matter of Hours

OnLive Community Manager, Matt Jensen, challenged his boss by predicting that OnLive could achieve their goal of 62,791 likes on Facebook by this upcoming Saturday. If OnLive was able to reach this goal, every US gamer would be eligible for a $1 game of their choice. If not, well we’ve heard speculation that Mr. Jensen will be shot with a t-shirt gun.

Good news for the OnLive US gamers and Mr. Jensen’s ribs! OnLive has easily reached their goal in a record setting fashion of about 7 hours! Everyone saw the 10,000 new followers as a daunting challenge, but the OnLive fanbase has flexed their e-muscles by reaching their goal not on Saturday not even Friday. The 10,000 like goal was reached before the end of thursday.

MJ responded with a post stating:
WOW, you all just exceeded my wildest expectations. We added 10,000 OnLive fans in about 7 hours! That means WE won the bet, and every US OnLive user is going to get their next Full PlayPass game for $1! Look for an email tomorrow morning for your promo code and details! You guys proved me right, Thank you! – Onlive MJ.
Thanks to everyone who participated. OnLive US users can expect an email tomorrow with information regarding your $1 game. Now, what game will everyone be picking up?

You can still go like OnLive on Facebook.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.