Wednesday, 5 October 2011

OnLive Released Deus Ex: Human Revolution Addon Packs

Last night OnLive released the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Addon packs, “Tactical Enhancement Pack,” and “Explosive Mission Pack”. They can both be purchased for nominal fees. While these may not be the expansion pack that a lot of gamers have been specifically waiting for (The Missing Link), they are certainly something many Deus Ex fans will love.

Here are some details about these addon packs (note, OnLive does not refer to them as DLC, since nothing is downloaded on the user’s end on the OnLive game service).

Tactical Enhancement Pack – Cost = $3.99 or $2.79 for PlayPack Subscribers

It includes:
-In game Huntsman Silverback double barrel shotgun
-in game Longsword Whisperhead silenced sniper rifle
-10,000 credits for augmentations and upgrades to start with.

Explosive Mission Pack – Cost = $2.99 or $2.09 for PlayPack Subscribers

It includes:
-M-28 Remote Explosives (4 of them)
-Automatic Unlocking device
-Bonus mission (“You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours”) & upon the completion of the mission you get the LGTM Linebacker G-87.

While these aren’t anything too major, this does show OnLive’s ability to put addon packs in the game, without the burden of having to actually download anything. Look forward to more addon packs and what OnLive doesn’t like to call DLC, in the future.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


  1. Can the addon extras apply to a game in progress or do you have to start all over again ?

  2. @E_Dreamer

    I see you already helped yourself at the OnLiveFans Forum.

    From the comments in the thread I would say that the addon extras apply to a game in progress.

    I'm actually currious about that too, as I don't have the game.