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OnLive Informer Interviews makers of Steel Storm: Burning Retribution About the Porting Process to OnLive

OnLive Informer concluded an exclusive Interview with Alexander Zubov, founder of Kot-In-Action Creative Artel, who recently released their first OnLive title, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution. Kot-In-Action is a very small indie studio based out of Del Rio, Texas. The team consists of two full-time members as well as several part-time members around the world. The team began their careers in video gaming as modders for ID Software’s Quake series. Their interview was focused on the overall process of porting a game to the OnLive service.

Interestingly, according to Kot-In-Action, a game which does not utilize OnLive’s Software Development Kit will not only have multiplayer disabled, but any game not implementing the SDK will also be denied PlayPass release and will automatically release for OnLive’s subscription based PlayPack. Read on below for the full interview.

About Steel Storm: Burning Retribution

The events around Steel Storm: Burning Retribution take place in an alternative universe where you control an advanced hovertank, packed with the most advanced and sophisticated weapons. Your task is simple but nevertheless, is not trivial. In the fight with presumed extraterrestrial invaders, you must prevail!

The Interview:

Informer: Having just completed your first-ever port to the OnLive system, how did you like it?

Alex: It was a pleasant experience. We just had to tune up the menu and add a virtual keyboard. The rest of the game is pretty much the same as on PC.

Informer: I’ve read that you wanted to bring Steel Storm to mobile devices. Did this help sway you to OnLive with the iPad and Android apps expected to release this year?

Alex: The decision to make an OnLive port was unrelated to desires to have Steel Storm on mobile platforms. We still would love to get the game running on the mobile platforms natively, but now that you mention OnLive for iPad and Android, I am thinking maybe we can provide a great experience for mobile gamers sooner rather than later, using the OnLive platform.

Informer: Overall, how long was the porting process and how did it compare to say, bringing the title to Steam?

Alex: It was a relatively short process. It took us maybe a week or two to finalize the port. As the game was designed for PC, you can imagine the process of putting it on Steam (on the technical side) took less time.

Informer: Was working with OnLive’s SDK complex at all or did you run into any trouble?

Alex: We did not use the OnLive SDK for Steel Storm as we wanted to bring the game to the gamers in the shortest possible time. Our next title might take full advantage of the OnLive SDK.

Informer: What made you decide to add it as a PlayPack title instead of for PlayPass?

Alex: PlayPass requires us to use the SDK and since we didn’t use it, the game automatically releases in the PlayPack.

Informer: How was the overall process of adding gamepad support?

Alex: The game natively supports Xbox 360 gamepads and any standard Windows-compatible gamepads. Therefore the support was available already.

Informer: I believe ‘Steel Storm’ was the first title to release to OnLive that utilizes the DarkPlaces Engine. Did this complicate things at all?

Alex: Not at all. The only thing we had to fix and enable was the Direct3D 9 renderer (DarkPlaces Engine has both OpenGL and Direct3D renderers, but by default it uses the OpenGL renderer). We are certainly hoping for more titles that utilize the DarkPlaces Engine to come to OnLive.

Informer: Now about the game. It's nice to see the prior Humble Bundle games getting access to the service. How would you describe Steel Storm to players who’ve never heard of it?

Alex: Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is a third-person arcade shooter with old school spirit, hordes of enemies, destructible worlds, ground-shaking explosions. The player drives a hovertank called Steel Storm through the enemy’s front lines, completing mission objectives and earning the highest score possible, and Challenges, aka Achievements. The game has an unlockable chase camera view, a bunch of powerful and destructive weapons, huge bosses and smart enemies. If you have an appetite for destruction and exploration, a dash of tactics, and core old school style gameplay, you will enjoy playing Steel Storm.

Informer: Roughly how long would you say the game is?

Alex: The PC demo version includes approximately 40 minutes of gameplay on Arcade difficulty (easy). The demo is only the tip of the iceberg, The full game contains approximately 20 hours of gameplay, depending on your skill and the difficulty level.

Informer: Does ‘Steel Storm: Burning Retribution’ feature multiplayer or co-op?

Alex: The OnLive version currently does not offer multiplayer capabilities. We have to integrate the SDK in order to enable the multiplayer.

Informer: Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?

Alex: Thank you for interviewing me. We hope OnLive users will enjoy Steel Storm: Burning Retribution!

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.

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