Friday, 21 October 2011

OnLive Game Release Rules and the OnLive SDK

OnLive games that do not utilize OnLive’s Software Development Kit will not only have multiplayer disabled, but any game not implementing the SDK will also be denied PlayPass release and will automatically release for OnLive’s subscription based PlayPack.

Alexander Zubov, founder of Kot-In-Action Creative Artel, who recently released their first OnLive title, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, said this in an interview, when asked about how was working with the OnLive SDK, "We did not use the OnLive SDK for Steel Storm as we wanted to bring the game to the gamers in the shortest possible time. Our next title might take full advantage of the OnLive SDK."

On the question, why they decided to release the game as a PlayPack title, he replied, " PlayPass requires us to use the SDK and since we didn’t use it, the game automatically releases in the PlayPack."

Finally, when asked if the game features multiplayer, he said, " The OnLive version currently does not offer multiplayer capabilities. We have to integrate the SDK in order to enable the multiplayer."

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