Thursday, 6 October 2011

New WiFi Enabled OnLive Game System is Coming

In a recent video interview, Andre Srinivasan, Product Manager at OnLive, confirmed that a new and updated OnLive Game System (MicroConsole) will be releasing later this year. What features will be added to the new MicroConsole? Today we can confirm that this updated console will include at least one new feature that many of you have been waiting for, and that feature is built-in WiFi!
We’ll be delivering an updated version of the MicroConsole later this year with built in WiFi as well, but your optimal experience is Ethernet. — Andre Srinivasan
These updated MicroConsoles will also see some other improvements over the existing generation (Universal controller support?). So if you’re someone who is looking to get your game on from the privacy of your own bedroom, your waiting is about to end! There was no mention of which standard the new MicroConsole will support, though we’re assuming it will support Wireless N as OnLive is a hungry fellow: Wireless B and G standards, while cheaper, might not be the best fit for the future of wireless Cloud gaming.

This WiFi enabled version of the MicroConsole allows the unit to be hooked up freely in any room of the house with, literally, no strings attached. This feature alone will be a welcomed addition, and a solid step forward, towards OnLive staking its claim as the best next generation console.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.


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