Saturday, 22 October 2011

FIFA 12 Demo Powered by Gaikai Now Playable on Youtube

A demo of FIFA 12 is now available to play through YouTube with no download, powered by Gaikai.

Clicking the demo banner on the game's YouTube page will launch a new window in which the game runs. The demo uses standard mouse and keyboard controls as well as controllers.

This is the first time a full 3D game has been available on YouTube, and could have profound consequences for developers who will be able to get their games out to a very wide audience quickly.

Here is hoping that EA brings the FIFA 12 full game experience to OnLive, since EA titles will start appearing on OnLive. Who wants to buy FIFA 12 for his PC based on a cloud powered demo and then find out that the game doesn't run on his PC?

You can try the demo of FIFA 12 on the Youtube page, if you are deemed worthy by Gaikai, which isn't easy to achieve. You can also get to the FIFA 12 demo if you visit the Gaikai games page.

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