Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is On Sale for OnLive

To celebrate the release of The Missing Link Add-On, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on sale for 25% off on the OnLive cloud gaming service. Normally Deus Ex: Human Revolution sells for $49.99 in the US and £34.99 in the UK. During this sale for OnLive US gamers the game costs $37.49 and for PlayPack subscribers $26.24. For OnLive UK gamers the game costs £26.24 and for PlayPack subscribers £18.37.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an Action RPG game from SquareEnix. It has received an OnLive user rating of 4.5/5 and has a metascore of 89. Gamers can play the game using either the keyboard/mouse combination or a gamepad.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes.

Badly wounded during the attack, you have no choice but to become mechanically augmented and you soon find yourself chasing down leads all over the world, never knowing who you can trust. At a time when scientific advancements are turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure mankind's evolution follows a particular path.

You need to discover where that path lies. Because when all is said and done, the decisions you take, and the choices you make, will be the only things that can change it.

Metascore: 89

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