Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Darksiders 2 For OnLive Could Have Features Like Touch Controls, Similar To Wii U Version

We reported on OnLive’s ability to already support features that the Wii U is promising. Touch controls have been demonstrated by OnLive for games such as From Dust. OnLive representatives have stated that two streams per gamer are possible; the developers just have to ask for the feature to be “turned on”. With Darksiders 2 confirmed to be coming to OnLive, could we see touch controls and dual screens implemented?

In a recent interview with GameRanx.com, Vigil Games stated that they were working on a “unique” control scheme for the Wii U. Touch controls for OnLive probably aren’t on any developers’ radars yet, as the tablet apps have yet to be released. However, with Darksiders 2 not releasing until 2012, there is plenty of time for OnLive to release their tablet apps, and for Vigil Games to implement touch controls. While Darksiders 2 has not been confirmed for OnLive, there is no reason to believe it won’t be released for the service when it becomes available, since the game's publisher is big OnLive supporter THQ. We can only speculate how the touch controls would function, as Vigil Games has only begun to work on the feature for Wii U.

It seems likely Vigil Games will want to take advantage of the Wii U’s second screen, and the same is technically possible for OnLive. Many people have speculated how Wii U’s second screen will be utilized. It could be used for inventory, maps, secondary views and so on. OnLive could duplicate these functions and more. Local co-op is technically possible even if the game only supports online co-op. The possibilities could be even more amazing. Imagine you’re playing Darksiders 2 and, unfortunately, you die. What if you could rewind the “feed” and start over 10 seconds before you died? Some games (Prince of Persia) include this as a function, but what if you could do it in any game? The technology is there; the developer just needs to show an interest in the feature.

With the innovations being brought forth by Nintendo and OnLive, it truly is becoming an exciting time for video games. As more developers begin to utilize the full potential of OnLive, many of the features we see as unlikely or impossible, may become a reality. The developers at Vigil Games seem likely to take the first tentative steps, as they show an excitement for and full embracing of the future of gaming.

Hopefully we’ll see these features, and more, when Darksiders 2 releases in 2012.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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