Thursday, 13 October 2011

CreaVures and Other Muse Games Titles are Coming to OnLive

OnLive Informer concluded an interview with Howard Tsao, CEO of Muse Games, known for many great titles. Most notable among those is CreaVures, a puzzle-platformer which is coming to OnLive later this year. Muse Games is a team of independent game developers seeking to build a line-up of high-quality titles for mobile, desktop, and the web.

They learned that CreaVures is currently in the porting process and will likely be released for OnLive this November. Their interview discusses this game in more detail as well as Muse Games’ thoughts on the Cloud distribution service.

About CreaVures

CreaVures is a puzzle-platformer set in a magical forest. You play as five different “Creavures,” tiny mythical creatures that each have a unique natural ability, to be used alone or in tandem to solve platforming puzzles. Ultimately your Creavures must travel deep into the dying forest to gather essence and restore the light.
Developed and Published by Muse Games Corp.

The Interview:

Informer: Can you tell us a little about Muse Games.
Muse: Muse Games is an indie studio in NYC. Our titles, such as Guns of Icarus and CreaVures, are released and featured on Steam, Mac App Store, and other distribution platforms. We are currently working on Guns of Icarus Online, a multiplayer steampunk airship battle experience featuring shooter, repair, navigation, ship/guns/parts customization, and skills elements.

Informer: How did you first hear about OnLive?
Muse: We first heard of OnLive because some of us on the team were early adopters. So I emailed Mr. Donahue to see if there was an opportunity to bring Creavures to OnLive. He liked the game, and made the decision pretty quickly to distribute Creavures on OnLive.

Informer: What are your thoughts about OnLive? Do you think it can compete with the retail distribution of the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360?
Muse: It definitely has the potential. I think, the more I see, the more I think that distribution methods, channels, and markets are getting more and more dynamic, and OnLive has a differentiated offering that a lot of players would find attractive and convenient. OnLive’s push to mobile has a lot of potential as well. Hopefully this will mean more choices for players. As OnLive grows, I think it’s important to feature more and more variety of games as well as continuing to focus on player experience. As Steam demonstrates, emphasis on user friendliness and giving indie developers a voice work wonders.

Informer: What was the major driving point in your decision to bring CreaVures to OnLive?
Muse: We are a small indie studio, so we tend to explore various distribution opportunities. People on our team were also early adopters of OnLive, so it just made sense for us to explore the opportunity to bring CreaVures to OnLive.

Informer: What has your experience working with OnLive’s SDK been like?
Muse: The OnLive team has been really responsive and supportive, but the process took longer than we anticipated, mainly because there hadn’t been games developed with Unity released on OnLive yet, so we had to pioneer the integration process a bit. We also had to work on the iOS development for CreaVures as well, but we will get there!

Informer: Roughly how long did it take to port the game?
Muse: We haven’t completed the porting process actually, but we’ve made good progress.

Informer: OnLive recently launched in the UK, will there be a simultaneous release in the US and UK or will there be a delay that you know of?
Muse: We will aim for a simultaneous release.

Informer: What were your goals in making CreaVures a unique gaming experience?
Muse: We thought it would be cool to base a game around these quirky creatures of the jungle, but we wanted to add a playful, mystical angle to it. The name CreaVures is supposed to be a combination of creatures and adventure. In a funny way, that name sort of guided the concept. We imagined this alternative world in which a creature was instead a creavure, and evolution has taken a different path. The dark bioluminescent scheme was further inspired by underwater creatures and scuba diving at night. It helped nurture this atmosphere of a familiar world turned upside down.

Informer: Are there going to be any major changes to the OnLive version of CreaVures?
Muse: We’ve made improvements to the game’s controls, visuals, and UI with every release of CreaVures. When we make CreaVures ready for OnLive, we will incorporate all the positive adjustments we’ve made.

Informer: Are there any features in CreaVures that will be unique to the OnLive service?
Muse: The game feels great with controllers. When we were early in development, we’ve already anticipated and accounted for the use of controllers. We think that this will be a big plus for OnLive players.

Informer: What is the backstory of CreaVures?
Muse: The magical forest that CreaVures call home is dying. Its lifeblood, the phosphorescent forest essence is draining away. To prevent the ecosystem’s descent into darkness, the CreaVures must travel far and wide and outsmart the massive forest guardians in order to collect enough essence and return it to the forest.

Informer: What separates CreaVures from most other platformers out there today?
Muse: With CreaVures, we were really focused on family, wanting to create a game that was decidedly not hard core and could be enjoyed by parents with kids. So we spent a lot of effort to make sure that the atmosphere, game play and levels can make players feel relaxed. We also wanted to communicate humor and personality through the characters (CreaVures), so we worked extensively on character design and animation to get the feel right.

Informer: Roughly how long would say CreaVures take to play?
Muse: If on normal difficulty, the game would take 3-4 hours to complete. The completion time also depends on whether the players stop to collect everything or if they decide to challenge the harder difficulties.

Informer: When can we expect it to be released on OnLive?
Muse: Given some of the issues we were confronting, we are now targeting a November timeframe.

Informer: What will be the release price for OnLive or will it be a PlayPack title?
Muse: Before the game is released, we will work with the OnLive team to decide on what is best suited for CreaVures on OnLive. Right now, we have a totally open mind.

Informer: Muse Games has some other great titles such as Guns of Icarus, Power of Defense, Bob Came in Pieces, and Jetlane. Any chance we see them added to the service in the future?
Muse: Once we are able to complete the CreaVures integration, we’ll definitely consider porting more games to OnLive.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.


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