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Assault Heroes 2 and 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 are Coming to OnLive – Interview with Behaviour Interactive

This year at the Eurogamer Expo, OnLive announced a list of new games that would be coming to the service in the future. On that list was a game called Assault Heroes 2. It’s a game from Canada’s largest independent game developer, Behaviour Interactive.

OnLiveFans recently had an opportunity to interview Jamie Leece, Senior VP of Business Development at Behaviour Interactive about their work with OnLive.
- Does Behaviour Interactive have plans to bring any of their games to OnLive, and if so, which ones?

We do have plans with OnLive for two of our games. The two games we plan to bring to OnLive are Assault Heroes 2 and 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2.

- Assault Heroes 2 is only available for Xbox live arcade currently. Will porting this game be more difficult for you than porting a PC game would be?

There is a learning curve with bringing a project for the first time over any new platform. The learning curve was simpler than most and bringing Assault Heroes 2 and Mini Golf Adventures 2 to OnLive was painless.

- You say you are working to bring these two games to the OnLive service. Do you see Behaviour bringing more games to the service in the future? Is it possible we will see your entire library one day?

I think we would love to bring as many of our games over to OnLive as possible. Our company is unique in that we often develop projects for the big publishers like Activision, THQ, EA etc. In these relationships it’s the publisher who decides which platforms they would like to support. Certainly our expertise with OnLive will help them make the decision to support OnLive
- Do you believe technology like OnLive is the future of gaming?
It’s a part of the future for sure. It’s no doubt that digital distribution makes up a very important part of the overall distribution of games to consumers. The landscape for how gamers consume content is evolving constantly and a service like OnLive definitely has a place in that landscape and it’s clearly growing.

- How far along are you in porting these 2 games over to OnLive. Do you have an approximate date as to when these games will release on the service?

We are in the final stages now. Again, since it is our first go round with the process we don’t know exactly when they will be up, we haven’t been given the final details but I think we are very close.

- Will they be released as stand alone PlayPass titles or as part of the unlimited play PlayPack?

That hasn’t been decided yet.
Here is a brief synopsis of Assault Heroes 2 from Behaviour’s website:
Your original enemy was just a pawn of a more sinister alien force. You must now fight on land and in space, battling through the extensive levels in your 4x4 or hijacking enemy vehicles for greater firepower. Take on relentless enemies and face-off with the most outrageous bosses you've ever seen on your way to the climactic battles in outer space! 
3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 was released for the Xbox Live Arcade in October of 2010. Here is a brief synopsis from Behaviour’s website:
Score perfect hole-in-ones as you putt through 54 mind-bending holes in three outrageous themes, or dare to create your own wacky course. Use a variety of power-ups to sabotage your opponents as you tee off in four player matches. It’s game time as you customize your character with over-the-top accessories.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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