Sunday, 11 September 2011

Unofficial OnLive Portable Client is Released, Run OnLive from School, Libraries and More

While many OnLive users have been asking for a portable client that would allow them to run the cloud gaming service from public computers, flash drives, and other removable storage devices, it’s not something that is at the top of OnLive’s priority list. However, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done. OnLiveFans super moderator Malel, with some help from Dan Ahl, one of their forum members, have released version 1.0 of OnLive Portable.

For those of you wondering if you should download and install the unofficial OnLive Portable client, please take a look at this list of reasons why you may want to use it:
  • You want to run OnLive off of a flash drive or other removable storage.
  • You want to use OnLive on a PC account without administrative privileges.
  • You want to use OnLive without installing the client on your computer.
  • You travel a lot and use many different computers.
While we aren’t condoning playing OnLive during school hours, or at work, this new client will allow you to do so. It will allow you to play from any computer that you do not have administrative privileges to.

Version 1.0 is a stable version of the new client, and it will be updated as needed. The updated versions will be able to be found here.

Download OnLive Portable Version 1.0 now.

You can get more info about the OnLive Portable Client on the OnLiveFans forum.

If you would prefer to create the client yourself from scratch, it is very simple. To do so, follow these instructions:
Copy all contents of the OnLive install folder (not the folder itself), right click, “add to archive”.

Compression Method: Best
Create SFX Archive
In the advanced tab open SFX options.

- Setup Program -> Run after extraction -> OnLive.exe
- Update Tab -> Overwrite all files
- Modes Tab -> Unpack to temporary folder, Hide All

Then click OK on the SFX options window, then OK again on the winrar window, and there you go, it compresses and is now a self contained/portable OnLive app.
SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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