Friday, 23 September 2011

UK Launch Overloads Servers in OnLive Data Centers

Looks like OnLive is a victim of their own success. Reports are coming in that OnLive servers are getting hammered by unimaginable traffic. According to some reports OnLive UK servers are overloaded and OnLive is working hard to cope with the traffic. The Luxembourg and Belgium backup servers are also overloaded. Many UK and Europe OnLive users are getting connected to US servers because of that. A lot of OnLive gamers are also experiencing problems due to server overload like disconnects, choppy gameplay, reduced picture quality, severe latency issues, games refusing to start up and various error messages. Some users also can't login into OnLive due to errors or get the familiar message, "The OnLive Service is currently full. You will be connected as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."(pictured below), which means that you are waiting in a queue to get connected.

OnLive themselves tweeted that OnLive UK users are queuing due to enormous first signups, UK signups far exceeded their expectations and UK OnLive players exceed their wildest expectations, so many have signed up that players may experience delays at weekend peaks.

This onslaught of OnLive gamers surely has to do something with the fact that BT customers can play OnLive PlayPack games for free for three months, OnLive UK first signups can purchase their first game for £1.00, Deus Ex: Human Revolution anyone, and OnLive is giving away thousands of FREE OnLive Game Systems at the Eurogamer Expo 2011.

Looks like even OnLive themselves didn't believe they would be so successful in such a quick time. Freebies are a dangerous game.

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