Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spiral Game Studios Bringing ORION: Prelude to OnLive — Counter Strike Meets Jurassic Park!

OnLive Informer just concluded an exclusive interview with David Prassel, CEO of Spiral Game Studios and Game Designer for ORION: Prelude, which is coming out for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Spiral Game Studios is a team of game developers seeking to bring the fun back into the Action genre. Their new ORION series is a community-driven project, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of their fans, and would be a perfect fit for OnLive.

They learned that Spiral Game Studios has made contact with OnLive and is interested in bringing their game over. Their  interview discusses this game in more detail, and why Spiral Game Studios has a desire to bring ORION: Prelude to the Cloud distribution service.

The Interview:

Informer: Can you tell us a little about your studio?

Prassel: Spiral is a relatively new game development studio. We are independent which allows for full freedom of creativity. We consist of both industry and modding veteran talent. Spiral is aiming to bring a brand new and fresh mentality to the gaming industry.

Informer: How did you first hear about OnLive?

Prassel: The very first time I heard about OnLive was at GDC 2011. I went to their extremely large booth to see what it was all about and had an OnLive representative approach me and he gave me a hands-on demonstration showing off the new technology they were showcasing. I was completely blown away.

Informer: What are your thoughts about OnLive and can we expect ORION: Prelude to be released on the service?

Prassel: I’ve downloaded the OnLive application and messed around with it and it’s truly a fast-paced gaming service with boasting social features. Being able to share brag clips (there are some very sweet ones) and watch other gamers playing games you don’t own yet to get an idea of true gameplay is incredible. We are very interested in developing a relationship between ORION: Prelude and OnLive.

Informer: When can we roughly expect the PC version of ORION: Prelude to be fully released?

Prassel: We haven’t confirmed a release date yet… so “When it’s done”.

Informer: Have you established a price for the game?

Prassel: We are aiming for $20.00 USD for PC digital platforms.

Informer: What made you want pure digital distribution instead of a disk release?

Prassel: Digital distribution is the future of media-based releases. It offers more control and convenience when compared to physical disks and retail releases.

Informer: If released for OnLive, would those customers be treated to the free DLC described on your website?

Prassel: Absolutely.

Informer: What separates your game from most first person shooters on the market today?

Prassel: We are serving up the game that everyone has always dreamed about. We have an incredible focus on content, quality and features like Jetpacks, Dinosaur Interaction, Playable Dinosaurs, Destruction, Mechs, over 30 weapons, items and grenades and tons of FREE DLC coming immediately after release.

Informer: Will ORION: Prelude feature joystick and/or controller support or will it have standard keyboard and mouse?

Prassel: Yes we will offer gamepad support. In fact we already have the 360 game pad and PS3 game pad mapped out and functional with the PC build of the game. I usually play using the 360 game pad.

Informer: On your website you state that the developers intend on hosting ”Play with Devs” matches, can we expect you guys to play with us on OnLive?

Prassel: Absolutely. We not only host “Play With Dev” matches for our own studio titles but we also play games with our community on a regular basis. Lately we have been playing Team Fortress 2, StarCraft 2 and Gears of War 3 with our fans. We love our community and we try and spend as much time as possible with them.

Informer: Can we expect ORION: Prelude and potentially future parts of the trilogy to be released on OnLive?

Prassel: We are open to bringing all of the ORION titles, including the trilogy to a variety of platforms. OnLive, being one of the newest and most exciting platforms, has definitely intrigued us for the trilogy release.

Informer: Thanks for your time. Would you like to add anything else for our readers?

Prassel: You can register for the Steam PC Multiplayer Beta of ORION: Prelude at:

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.

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