Wednesday, 21 September 2011

OnLive Will Blur The Boundary Between Movies and Games

OnLive CEO Steve Perlman had a presentation for CVG before tomorrow's UK launch. He showed off OnLive running through the MicroConsole on a TV, on an iPad, an Android tablet and a Mac.

He played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on a tablet with the OnLive Universal Wireless Controler. Steve also showed Virtua Tennis 2009 and From Dust running with touch controls. He also mentioned that other unannounced AAA titles are being developed with touch controls for OnLive.

He showed Batman: Arkham City on the OnLive marketplace and pointed out that it will launch day-and-date with the console. Steve most likely didn't know at this time that the PC version of Batman: Arkham City got delayed to november and OnLive is running PC versions of games in their data centers.

He confirmed that smaller scale titles with next-gen visuals are being developed as an OnLive showcase and that characters in some tie-in games for movies will blur the line between cinema and games.

"OnLive's data centers are far and beyond current console hardware," Steve claimed. "It's not just higher performance in terms of graphics capability, but we have higher performance in terms of, for example, the disc drives, the networks and so forth that interconnect them."

"You saw how many polygons are making up that face," he added, rolling the impressive demonstration (which you can see in a video below). "We're able to have the data that's coming in for showing what her face looks like at different points of the animation actually streaming to a server."

"There are other things... We can build in dedicated hardware for doing ray tracing - the glassiness that you see in her eyes."

"You may have seen the technology behind the OnLive tech demo before," the CEO points out, "powering along the Batman: Arkham City Hugo Strange trailer."

"It's fantastic," Perlman said of the Batman trailer. "It got about three million views on YouTube and that is using Mova technology as well."

"You can see how the faces in that trailer... it's like 'oh my god, this looks like live action!' It isn't live action, it's all computer generated."

"What you're seeing there is a preview of the kind of video game that's going to be the standard sort of video game that you're going to see on OnLive. We're going to be blurring the boundaries between cinema and video games."

Below are some videos of this presentation.


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