Monday, 26 September 2011

OnLive WiFi MicroConsole and OnLive for Xperia PLAY

OnLive launched in the UK at Eurogamer Expo 2011 last week. Here are some more news from the OnLive booth at the show.

OnLive Game System with WiFi

This is something that many OnLive users have been requesting for quite some time. The current OnLive MicroConsole, that ships with the game system does not have the ability to run off of WiFi, without additional equipment. The reason for this is because when OnLive first launched they only wanted gamers to play via a wired connection, because of latency issues. However, now the algorithm has been enhanced, and OnLive can run almost just as well off of slower connections, as well as off of WiFi. Apparently they are working on releasing a new MicroConsole that has the ability to connect via WiFi.

The Xperia PLAY (PlayStation Phone) and OnLive?
The Xperia PLAY, which is a Sony Ericsson smartphone that runs the Android operating system, and has a slide out gamepad, would be a perfect fit for OnLive. Of course Sony might be opposed to it, but we don’t know for sure. According to OnLive product manager Andrew Srinivasan, OnLive has been doing many experiments with the Xperia PLAY. Could we perhaps see OnLive be made available for this Sony Ericsson Smartphone? Anything is possible. Android is an open source operating system, but Sony would probably have to reach some sort of agreement with Onlive for the service to work on the device.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


  1. has my interview where he talks about the wifi microconsole. Before the interview he said to me that thet have been doing experiments with the Xperia play, but he only lightly says this in the intetview.