Thursday, 15 September 2011

OnLive Upgrades its Cloud Gaming Data Centers with Continued Help From Juniper Networks

Back in June, OnLive announced a partnership with Juniper Networks, although the two companies had been working together for some time.

Today, OnLive and Juniper Networks announced that the cloud video game service has upgraded its data center infrastructure with a simplified Juniper Networks architecture of routing, switching and security solutions. OnLive’s data centers will be powered by Junos, the operating system from Juniper Networks. It will allow OnLive to support huge amounts of internet bandwidth including video, voice and data transfer from the cloud to their customers. The new system will require less interconnections and devices. 

“The number-one factor that drove us to Juniper Networks is the value proposition — the bang for the buck we get from our core routers, switches and firewalls,” explained OnLive’s director of systems planning, Darrell Gentry. “Juniper Networks data center network architecture has enabled us to deliver a high-end gaming experience from the cloud simply and securely. Having a massively scalable network from Juniper Networks is the foundation of our continued innovation and success.”

Gentry went on to say, “To maximize the experience that comes with our advanced gaming system, the connection must be of the highest quality. Choosing Juniper Networks allowed us to overhaul our data center architecture and provide the high-performance, highly scalable and ultra-reliable network infrastructure required to support our cloud computing needs.”

So what hardware is OnLive utilizing? There are several key components in what OnLive and Juniper are doing. They include:

While all of this is exciting. The real key to this partnership may be in the future, when OnLive plans to also utilize the Juniper Networks QFabric Solution, which will allow for exponential improvements in data center efficiency, speeds, and scale. OnLive has continued to reduce the minimum connection speed that gamers must have in order to connect to the service. With more improvements, virtually everyone with an internet connection may be able to play games via OnLive’s service.

“Utilizing a cloud-based delivery model presents a huge opportunity for consumers to access OnLive’s innovative gaming portfolio, but meeting the performance demands placed on the network can create an economic challenge,” explained Mike Marcellin, vice president of systems strategy and marketing for the Platform Systems Division at Juniper Networks. “By deploying our new data center network infrastructure, OnLive is able to provide customers with the user experience they expect while taking advantage of operational simplicity, lower latency and lower cost.”

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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