Thursday, 29 September 2011

OnLive Universal Wireless Controller, iPad and Android OnLive Player Apps Coming Very Soon

With all the news surrounding Eurogamer Expo last week, users are still gearing up towards the release of the OnLive iPad and Android Player tablet clients along with the Universal Controller.

The current iteration of the tablet client only allows users to Spectate other gamers in the Arena and adjust their in-client Profile settings. Unfortunately it does not allow users to play their OnLive games. With the new client that’s all going to change.

John Spinale, OnLive’s vice president of Games and Media, said: “We’re in the process of revving our controller, which will be coming out this Fall, to work with a low latency Bluetooth protocol so that it’ll work on the tablets,” said Spinale.

“It’s the one thing that we thought that was missing; a console gaming experience on a tablet. You can play games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution with touch, which is sort of mind bending. But you realise that some of those games are great with touch, and some of them don’t do particular well.”

Fortunately the Universal Controller will be available for every Bluetooth-connectable device that runs the OnLive client. In fact it is this combination of tactile control and touch which stands to set OnLive’s tablet clients to a level we’ve not yet realized in portable gaming.

“This is going to blow people’s minds,” he adds. “Using a dual analogue stick to play high-end console games on a tablet. As a gamer, it makes me happy that I can take my tablet and my controller, stick them in my bag, and take all my games with me.”

“We’ve done a lot of heavy lifting to get to this point right now. But the slogging part’s done, and now this is the fun part.”

And the Universal Wireless Controller will also work with the OnLive Game System, a laptop, PC, Mac, or even a connected TV.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.

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