Thursday, 15 September 2011

The OnLive Cloud Game Service is Taking the Internet by Storm

OnLive has been steadily building a solid foundation in the gaming industry since the service’s debut in 2010. As a start-up venture, they must convince an entire generation of gamers that “Cloud” isn’t just in, it’s WIN.

An important aspect of tracking their growth potential is by observing OnLive’s website statistics. For the examples in this article we’ll be tracking the number of monthly unique visitors to over a period of 12 months. Some questions you might ask yourself are, “How popular is OnLive these days,” or, “Does anyone even go to OnLive’s website?” The answer is an emphatic YES.

Starting as a literal fledgling in a practically unknown sector of the video game industry, OnLive has had to tackle some very significant obstacles and criticism on their path to success (Cited: Why OnLive can’t Possibly Work).

As you’ll see in the graph below, OnLive isn’t doing too shabby.

From dissecting these numbers you can easily see that (according to OnLive has, for the most part, steadily increased their website’s unique viewership numbers over the last year. This increase comes by a significant margin.

The site-analytics tracking information details that had a whopping 585,738 unique visitors (July 2011), with a monthly increase of 158,963 visitors (+37.25%) from the previous month, and a yearly increase of 446,364 visitors (+320.26%) when comparing July 2010 directly with July 2011.

Furthermore, is currently ranked 6/10 on Google’s PageRank.

They are also perched at an impressive 27,925 Alexa International rating, and ranked as the 7,664 most popular site in the US (Note: Alexa ratings do change daily).

Let’s make a comparison of a few other popular websites (the first a former critic; the second, a site considered by some to be a competitor; third, a current giant in the gaming industry):

As you can see from the numbers, is steadily gaining an immense amount of interest from the public. So much so, that they have recently surpassed number of unique visitors when compared to Steam’s website is ahead of OnLive, but not by much. Unique visitor numbers for Steam’s website ranked close to 1.2 million for July 2011, a little over 600k higher than OnLive.

Using the chart as an example, we can clearly see the effect of OnLive’s growth potential as word spreads about their product and service. Gamers and technology enthusiasts alike are intrigued by the Cloud and what it can offer. OnLive provides an astoundingly competitive pricing and promotion package, delivers innovative advertisement incentives to its affiliate partners, and is currently taking the Internet by storm.

Stay tuned, as OnLive will be launching its service in the UK starting on September 22, 2011. This will coincide with their appearance at the Eurogamer Expo 2011 event.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.

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