Thursday, 1 September 2011

Interview With Focus Home Interactive Hints at Upcoming OnLive Games

OnLive has been doing a lot of work building up relationships with various game publishers and developers. Recently, OnLive has launched two games from a new partnered publisher, Focus Home Interactive. We had the opportunity to interview the International Business Developer of Focus, Pierre Vinson. What he offers is an interesting perspective on partnering with OnLive and choosing which games to release on the service.

So tell us a little bit about Focus Home Interactive. What type of company are you, what are some of your main goals?
Founded in 1996, Focus Home Interactive is an independent French publisher based near Paris, France. You may know us as we already brought on PC TrackMania, Blood Bowl, The Sherlock Holmes series, Divinity II – The Dragon Knight Saga, or more recently A Game Of Thrones – Genesis. Our permanent objective is to always release a catalog filled with quality, diversity and originality for all platforms on the retail and digital market.
Going to your website (, we can see a bunch of games. How do we know which ones you are publishing and which ones you are distributing? For our readers, what is the difference?
We are the publisher of almost all the titles you can see on our website. Long story short, the job of the publisher is to find games, produce, promote and then distribute them worldwide, for retail and digital markets, through download platforms or cloud gaming channels such as Onlive. We may be a distributor for certain titles like the excellent Trine 2, that we’re distributing in Europe for PC. In this case, we do not fund the title, we just acquired the rights for the distribution, only for PC and only for Europe.
When did you first hear about OnLive? How did you go about getting in contact with them?
We’ve been following Onlive since their announcement at the Game Developers Conference in 2009, and met initially at E3 2010 for their official launch in the US. I was very impressed with the technology, user experience, and all the possibilities around the platform.
Right now, there are two of your games on OnLive, Faery and Planet Horse. What made you pick these games to start with, versus some of your bigger selling games?
Faery : Legends of Avalon met a promising success on PSN and XBLA. It also gives a quite unique positioning, being an accessible RPG in a nice looking universe. Planet Horse was released simultaneously with Parental Control features on Onlive, and adds to the catalogue for the little ones. These two titles were also a good way to get familiar with Onlive processes on our side.
A lot of people have been asking about the next episode of Faery. Any word on when it will be released? Will we see it on OnLive near the same day it releases to the other platforms?
We should drop some info before the end of the year about this. Stay tuned.
What are some of the other titles that we can look forward to? Can you tell us what the titles are and a little bit about what the games are about?
Everything is possible and that’s the most exciting part about Onlive. Our goal is to provide the best user experience to our audience through a nice catalogue of genre and IP. Upcoming titles include: A Game Of Thrones (strategy game adapted from the bestseller novels of George R.R. MartinA Song of Ice and Fire”), Wargame: European Escalation (by the creator of R.U.S.E., explosive RTS offering an incredible showcase), The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (Next-gen adventure full of twist). You should see nice Focus releases on Onlive soon.
What is the process for you to decide if a game goes in the PlayPack or will be sold as a PlayPass?
There are several different parameters, as for all releases on the digital space. PlayPack subscription can be related to rental/games on demand, while PlayPass is really about owning the game you like – depending on how the end user wants to enjoy a game, and what amount of time he’s willing to play. At the moment I believe PlayPack is a good choice for spreading time on different titles with a growing catalogue.
Thanks for your time in this interview. Is there anything else you wanted to say to the fans of the OnLive service?
Look forward to see you guys bragging on our games and having fun, more to come in the near future!
SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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