Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy Cloud Integrates Akamai Platform

The Happy Cloud and Akamai join forces to deliver a happier cloud digital distribution service.

In an interview with The Happy Cloud we were aware that Akamai played a part in delivering the Happy Cloud experience. Now, a collaborative partnership with Akamai means a great experience gets that much better.

“The frustration of waiting overnight to download rich-experience video games has been a major hindrance to the broad adoption and success of digital distribution in the gaming industry to date. By collaborating with Akamai to optimize the end-user experience, we’ve created a solution that addresses this issue head on,” explains Eric Gastfriend, VP and GM of Happy Cloud. “Now game publishers, distributors and players can all reap the benefits from instant-on games.”

Those who have tried Happy Cloud are already familiar with the 2 to 10 minutes it takes to start playing a game locally. Since the game is running locally there is no lag from click to action, and no ISP speed requirements to actually play the game. This means a lot for Happy Cloud’s Direct-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business offerings.

“In the dynamic online environment, gamers crave a high performance experience, and as a result, developers and publishers must master the complexity of delivering massive game files to global users. Poor performance and failed downloads can impact a launch as well as a company’s brand,” commented Kris Alexander, Chief Strategist for Connected Devices and Gaming at Akamai. “Akamai has a strong background and understanding of the online gaming industry, and is excited to engage with Happy Cloud in addressing the industry need to enable gamers to play games on demand without having to download and install an entire game."

We'll see how The Happy Cloud will cope with the competition from game streaming services, the most prominent of them being OnLive. Valve might also work on a solution to make Steam games work before they are fully downloaded.
Akamai is certainly a formidable partner for The Happy Cloud to have.

SOURCE: Cloudiem.

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