Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Great OnLive Customer Service is Getting Even Better

This is from an OnLive Customer Service Representative.

I think that a defining difference between the experience customers have when they contact us, as opposed to other companies in this industry, stems from the fact every single one of us actively uses the service as a community member. Because of this, we are extremely concerned with the quality of the service. Developers here at OnLive also take great care to get the customer perspective on new features, games, and promotions. This involvement by the Customer Service team contributes to not only strong, stable features, but also the tools to ensure that every community member has the means to experience them. When we say we welcome your feedback, we very much mean it, so we may convey a true representation of the community's desires to various teams within OnLive.

This is an excellent opportunity to tell you all about some improvements we've made to OnLive Customer Service. Not only do we continue to grow our staff to ensure that the rapidly growing number of customers receive fast and comprehensive support, but we also recently enabled two new features that should make it even easier to access our Knowledge Base and submit questions, concerns and bug reports. First off, we've added the ability to initiate a Live Chat with one of our agents. Expect the same great level of service through chat, with low wait times and quick resolutions to your issues. You can find the link for Live Chat on the OnLive Customer Service Portal, We've also added an app on our Facebook Page,, that allows you to search our Knowledge Base and submit questions within Facebook. Look for the Customer Service link on the left-hand navigation below the OnLive Logo.

You can be sure that we'll be continuing to improve on the Customer Service experience. Again, please send us your feedback on how we are doing and how the service is working for you. We can't always guarantee that every suggestion will turn into a feature, but that shouldn't stop you from letting us know anyway.

Thanks again guys (and gals)!

You can find more info about what OnLive gamers think about the OnLive Customer Service at OnLiveFans.

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