Thursday, 22 September 2011

GameSpot UK Launches On-Demand Instant-Play Free OnLive Game Demos

GameSpot UK today announced it is changing the way gamers find, evaluate and play games by launching instant free OnLive game demos directly from the GameSpot UK game pages, resulting in a try-before-you-buy experience.
Following on the heels of a similar announcement made in the U.S. and powered by OnLive, the on-demand, instant-play demos give gamers access to more than 100 games and are playable within seconds, merging the process of learning about a game with the experience of actually playing it.

“At GameSpot UK we’re incredibly excited to offer our users a genuine try-before-you-buy experience with the launch of the OnLive Game Service,” said Ben Howard, Publishing Director, Games & Entertainment, CBS Interactive UK. “We are continually trying to evolve the way we engage our audience around the gaming experience – the ability to instantly demo a game from within GameSpot UK is the perfect next step for that and gives an unrivalled hands-on experience for our users.”

The GameSpot UK enhancements are live today, to coincide with the official launch of OnLive UK at Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London.

“By integrating OnLive-powered instant game demos, GameSpot has deepened its user experience and further distinguished itself as a premiere gaming destination,” said OnLive Vice President of Games John Spinale. “We streamline the process of sampling a game, making it an integral part of discovery and evaluation by the GameSpot reader—not a disjointed one that forces the customer to go down to the store or wait several hours for something to download to his or her hard drive.”

Game demos are available instantly, without any cumbersome downloads or credit card data. A sampling of the over 100 OnLive game demos that will be available via GameSpot UK include:
In addition, GameSpot video content such as game reviews and in-depth interviews will be included in the OnLive Service, providing OnLive users with a trusted point of view as they go through their own discovery process. The enhancements are part of OnLive’s continuing efforts to provide players with the fastest, most convenient and most advanced gaming platform in the world, seamlessly integrated into their overall gaming experience.

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