Friday, 9 September 2011

GameFly’s New Digital Service Goes Into An Invite Only Closed Beta

GameFly, long a renter of games, announced on August 9 that it was going to make a desktop client for the PC and Mac platforms, based on the Direct2Drive digital download service that GameFly acquired from IGN.

Yesterday, the client entered an invite only closed beta.

The client will allow any user, subscriber or not, to purchase digital games for the PC, Mac, and various consoles. GameFly subscribers get the bonus of being able to manage their rental queues, make a virtual game library, and get access to free "Unlimited PC Play" for certain titles.

The company has yet to announce what games will be offered for free under the "Unlimited PC Play" banner, but it did say that content would be added to the free list on a regular basis.

Additionally, the client will feature gaming news, social interaction, and support for achievement viewing.

Users will be able to switch the client to a customizable bookshelf view for easier browsing.

Parental controls will be built into the program, allowing users to make master and child accounts; thus younger gamers will be blocked from accessing content.

In a twist, GameFly's client will sell games for all major digital download services, which include Steam and Origin.

“We’re thrilled to bring digital to the gaming consumer in a meaningful way, as no other service or retailer brings physical and digital gaming together like GameFly,” said Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content. “With a library of over 9,500 titles from over 300 first- and third-party publishers, GameFly members have the ultimate choice of how, what, when and where they game.”

GameFly launched the closed beta at an event in Los Angeles on September 8. Attendees received a beta invite for themselves and a friend. Gamers who couldn't make it to the event can sign up for the beta at GameFly's website.

The GameFly digital client will launch publicly during the holidays.

Only time will tell if GameFly also intends to enter the cloud gaming arena, which is currently dominated by OnLive, be it by themselves or with the help of game streaming companies like Gaikai and Otoy. GameStop also intends to enter the cloud gaming fray sometime next year.

SOURCE: GameSpot.

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