Saturday, 3 September 2011

Eidos Montreal to become 700-dev mega-studio

French-Canadian financial site, La Presse Affaires, is reporting that fortune is smiling on Eidos Montreal, in the wake of the successful completion and launch of their very first game, the Deus Ex reboot, Human Revolution. According to the report, Eidos Montreal intends to double its size, by adding an additional 350 new employees over the next four years, bringing the total employee count of the studio up to 680. This would make Eidos Montreal, the third largest developer in the city, behind Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. At least 100 of those new jobs are expected to be added by the end of 2012.

The up-sizing of the Montreal studio, reportedly comes on the back of a $2 million grant for the company from the Québec government, via Investissement Québec. Originally, negotiations with governments of British Columbia, Ontario and Québec, were for the creation of a new development studio. However, the money has ultimately been earmarked to increase the size of Square Enix’s existing development house at Eidos Montréal. Along side the grant, Eidos Montréal will receive tax credits for 37.5% of the cost of labor, which is the standard tax credit provided to all game studios working in Québec. The Eidos Montréal deal is reportedly the third direct investment by the Québec government into the video games industry. Previously, Québec granted $7.5 million to Warner Brothers, and earlier this year, another $3.1 million to THQ. Collectively, these grants will generate thousands of new jobs in Québec by the year 2015.

So what is next from the house that Sarif Industries built? Well along with another as yet announced project, Thief 4 of course. Back in 2009, shortly after the buyout of Eidos Interactive by Square Enix, the company made a huge deal about developing the upcoming fourth game in the highly revered Thief series. Not too much information concerning Thief 4 is known at the moment, other than development started in 2009, and the game is supposed to be a reboot of the franchise. However, if the quality of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a taste of what we can expect from future games developed at Eidos Montréal, then the world is truly a better place, once the game ships. It is also safe to speculate, that if Thief 4 is a franchise reboot, it is not likely to keep the name Thief 4, and very likely to pick up a sub-title, by the time it finally hits retail; in much the same manner that Human Revolution was initially introduced as Deus Ex 3. As for when will Thief 4 be completed? No solid information is known on that at the moment. Hopefully after three years of development, we will finally get an unveiling of the game at next year’s E3.

Even more interesting than all this talk of the expansion of Eidos Montreal, is the tentative price tag placed on Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s development. According to the La Presse Affaires report, it cost Eidos Montreal somewhere between $20 million to $35 million to produce their transhumanism Renaissance-themed interactive masterpiece – talk about making The Six Million Dollar Man, look like the poor cousin. We do have to wonder, is that the price tag before, or after Eidos Montreal got their 37.5% tax credits for the cost of labor from making the game?

Here's hoping that Square Enix and Eidos Montreal bring Thief 4 and other unannounced games to OnLive.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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