Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dead Island For OnLive is Delayed Until At Least October

Dead Island is a game that many OnLive gamers have been looking forward to seeing released on the service. Many OnLive users had hoped it would be released on the same day that it was released for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. That date was September 6, and it came and went without an OnLive release.

Unfortunately, there have been some delays.

“The OnLive SKU is now in production but I do not yet have a firm release date,” explained Jon Schutts, Senior Producer at Deep Silver, Inc. “The goal had been to release the SKU simultaneously with the other SKUs, but unfortunately the developers were working on the console versions right up to the last minute.”

While there has been no release date set for when we can expect to see Dead Island on OnLive, the company does have an estimate for us.

“I don’t have an official date, but production is estimating mid to late October,” said Schutts.

As we know from other publishers and developers, it can be quite time consuming to port a game to the OnLive service. While, the process does become easier after the developer’s first game is ported over, it can still take up to several weeks of around-the-clock work to do so.

The reviews for Dead Island have been excellent so far, and the game has gotten rave reviews from many gamers. It will be on OnLive, hopefully by the end of October, or perhaps a little sooner.

Wouldn’t it be a great game to release on Halloween?

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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