Thursday, 29 September 2011

AMD Likes Happy Cloud and More Titles to Come

The Happy Cloud made another key partnership, this time with AMD.

AMD will be manufacturing a new line of AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) that will allow for high end gaming on TVs and set-top boxes using The Happy Cloud distribution algorithm. This is not like the OnLive MicroConsole. The Happy Cloud is still not streaming the game, they are “streaming” the distribution.

The collaboration between Happy Cloud and AMD will allow the consumer to play console-quality games on their TV, enabled by Happy Cloud’s technology for instant digital game delivery. Currently, customers must buy a console and games from retail outlets to get high quality games on their TV. This initiative will provide true on demand access from the open web, leveraging AMD’s embedded device hardware and designs, and Happy Cloud’s on-demand delivery technology and content partnerships. This solution offers connected TV high-resolution games on-demand, rather than mobile phone quality or web-based Flash games.

According to Eric Gastfriend, VP and GM of Happy Cloud, “You can get movies, TV shows, and music on demand straight to your TV—why not videogames? It used to be that you needed a gaming console and a trip to the store to get a new game. Now you’ll be able to get top quality games on demand directly from the Internet.”

“Offering The Happy Cloud service as part of our STB reference design gives our set-top box and integrated TV customers an integrated out-of-the-box solution to help broaden their market reach into on-demand gaming,” said Buddy Broeker, director, Embedded Solutions, AMD. “Our award-winning AMD Embedded G-Series platform, which integrates a very low-power, high-performance CPU with DirectX® 11-capable graphics on a single small chip, allows Happy Cloud customers to enjoy a rich visual gaming experience in a home theatre environment.”

As of right now there is no word on what TV manufacturers will pick this up, but AMD says their APUs will be ready to ship by 2012.

The Happy Cloud solution, in conjunction with the AMD Embedded G-Series platform, will run games on Windows, opening up a catalog of over 2000 high quality titles. This collaboration gives OEMs – TV manufacturers and set-top box manufactures – a value-added, open access service to offer their consumers, and new revenue streams.

SOURCE: Cloudiem.

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