Thursday, 18 August 2011

Steve Perlman's Mission to Revolutionize Wireless

This is a special edition of IGN's official technology and consumer electronics podcast, Tech Fetish. This week OnLive CEO Steve Perlman is guest to discuss his radical new wireless technology, DIDO, which promises to make network congestion, interference, and slow data speeds a thing of the past.

Perlman provides an in-depth breakdown of how the technology works, how it could change the wireless industry, and what it could mean for gamers. Steve also speaks in-depth about OnLive, Mova and how all of these tie together with DIDO. At the end of the talk Steve hints at the possibility that DIDO could enable an era of virtually unlimited computing power for every electronic device, so people would be connected to each other like neurons in our brain, we all become the organism of humanity. We interface each other and the computers in the cloud like parts of a borg collective. I can't help, but the thought about Skynet comes up when i think about how cloud computing and DIDO tie together.

Could the era of truly mobile, high-speed online gaming be just around the corner? Listen in and find out!


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