Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is Likely Coming to OnLive

Developer Tripwire Interactive, has informed OnLiveFans that they are likely bringing Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad to the OnLive cloud gaming service. While the game is set to release for the PC on September 13, 2011, no release date has been set for OnLive.

While there is no confirmation that the game is going to come to OnLive for sure, Alan Wilson, Vice President of Tripwire Interactive LLC told them that he is, “fairly sure” that the game will be coming to the service.

Red Orchestra 2 is a first-person shooter that takes place during World War II. It is the sequel to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 which was released over 5 years ago. The game takes place in one of the bloodiest battles of WWII, at Stalingrad. It is said to take first-person shooters to a whole new level, with more realistic gameplay features than other games in the genre. Guns behave more realistically, and there is no ammo counter. Gamers must manually keep track or check on their ammo, if they wish to remain alive. The game also makes getting injured more realistic. When shot, you can’t gain health back, by simply picking up a “health pack” or hiding and waiting. Instead, you must bandage a wound to keep it from getting worse.

Red Orchestra 2 can be played in single or multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes include: Territories, Firefight, and Countdown. Here are some of the key features of the game, from the Red Orchestra 2 website:
RO multiplayer taken to new heights: Tripwire’s renowned MP already exceeds that of much of the competition – the new game will stretch that lead even further. With highly addictive and fun varieties of game-play online, the game will feature everything from quick, brutal firefights, through to more intricate and challenging simulation modes.

Persistent Stats Tracking and Player Progression: Persistence constantly gives the gamer something to strive for and keeps them playing. Grow in rank, earn medals, improve your abilities, and become a Hero – all visible to the complete online gaming community and embedded within the game.

Heroes: Obtain the ultimate goal and become a Hero online. Players with hero status inspire troops around them and cause fear in their enemies. Heroes have access to the best and rarest weapons and equipment, and will stand out visually from the rest of the soldiers.

Stalingrad Campaign: The Stalingrad campaign will feature the multiplayer maps used in a campaign layout recreating the battle for Stalingrad from both the German and Russian sides. This will be enhanced with story elements through the form of mission introductions and in-game cinematic sequences that begin and end the campaign.

Unique Focus – the Battle of Stalingrad in depth: takes the familiar WWII genre into a unique direction. Far removed from the well-trodden Normandy setting, gameplay is based on fresh scenarios and actions the player has never experienced before. Follow the German army as they assault the city of Stalingrad, to the banks of the Volga. Follow the Soviet army as it holds the city against all the odds then destroys the Axis forces.

First person cover system: Experience the ultimate firefights that a cover system allows, from the immersion of a first person view. Peek or blind fire over and around cover and more.

Squad Command: Command fire teams on the battlefield using an easy to use first person interface. Suppress the enemy, send a fire team to flank them and hit them where it hurts!

WWII weaponry redefined: true to life ballistics, bullet penetration, breathing, adjustable sights, free aim, weapon bracing, photo-real graphics and more, create WWII weaponry that has no equal. 
Morale: Experience what it is like to be a soldier in one of the bloodiest conflicts in history and the importance of a soldier’s state of mind and how it can turn the tide of battle.

Single Player Campaigns: Play through a full German campaign AND a full Russian campaign, in iconic engagements from the Battle of Stalingrad.

Enhanced Unreal® Engine™ 3: Built on an enhanced version of Unreal Engine 3 the game features cutting edge visuals and features.

And coming after release:
Co-op: Players can connect with their friends and battle AI in multiple game types including the Stalingrad Campaign, Skirmish Mode, and more.

Offline Challenges: Offline challenges such as the shooting range and assault courses let the player learn and hone their skills to perfection with all of the weapons and features in the game. Training with different challenges to achieve awards, win competitions and improve their skills the player can pit their best times/scores against the rest of the online gaming community.

New vehicles: We will roll out new vehicles for the game, including new tanks as well as armored transports.
SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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