Thursday, 4 August 2011

Possible launch date for OnLive in the UK September 22-25 2011

OnLive and NCsoft are to sponsor this year's Eurogamer Expo party, taking place Friday, September 23 at The Pembroke pub in West London.

Tickets are priced at £50 per head with all profits going to industry charity GamesAid. Music on the night will be from UK DJ's The Nextmen and A.Skills.

"Last year's party proved extremely popular and we are planning to make 2011 even bigger and better. I look forward to celebrating another successful Expo with the industry," commented Rupert Loman, MD of Eurogamer.

The Eurogamer Expo is taking place September 22-25 at Earls Court in London and is set to attract 30,000 consumers over the four days.

Tickets enquiries for the party should be directed to Caroline Miller at Indigo Pearl.

Looks like our hypocrite doesn't have a problem taking money from OnLive.

So, if OnLive is the sponsor of the Eurogamer Expo party, could the launch of OnLive in the UK take place at the Eurogamer Expo September 22-25. I have a pretty strong feeling about that, why else would OnLive give money to Eurogamer, after what they wrote about OnLive.


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