Monday, 29 August 2011

OnLive Will Soon Sell Game Systems and Controllers in Retail Outlets

Recently we have been reading a lot about a controversy in which GameStop removed redemption codes from PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that were on sale in their retail outlets. The entire point, that a lot of people missed out on, is the fact that OnLive has made it into retail, and this is just the very beginning.

OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman talked about this in an exclusive interview OnLiveFans had with him:

“You’re basically seeing OnLive spread its wings,” said Perlman. “The library (of games) is now approaching over 130 games. You’re seeing, not only day-and-date releases, but you’re seeing in-box co-releases together with physical media. This is the first example of stores selling OnLive gear, and you will be seeing more store related stuff, and more website related retail stuff coming out.”

This begged us to ask Perlman if we would be seeing OnLive game systems and wireless controllers being sold in retail as well. He answered, “Yes. It’s just a matter of time and stocking. The universal controller is something which is more applicable to a bigger cross-section of the product line for retailers. Of course they can sell it with tablets as well as the coming TVs and Blu-Ray players.”

While many OnLive gamers are excited about the fact that OnLive redemption codes have been included in retail disc versions of a game, things look to be getting a lot more exciting when we begin to see actual hardware come to retail as well. We expect to see TV’s, Blu-Ray players, and tablets, all including OnLive on them, in retail outlets sometime before the end of the year. The ability to purchase universal controllers and even an OnLive game system, seems to be right on the horizon. Who knows what other OnLive gear we could be seeing as well?

Whether GameStop wants to cooperate with OnLive or not, other retailers will be happy to do so.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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