Wednesday, 31 August 2011

OnLive Let's You Launch the Games You Own Directly from a Web Link

For some time now OnLive allowed the start-up of game demos directly from a web link. In addition you are also able to get into an user account on OnLive directly from a web link. One thing that many OnLive gamers wished for, the ability to get into a game they own on OnLive directly with a web link, wasn't present till now.

As it looks like OnLive is not only partnering with GameSpot to include OnLive game demos, but has also enabled the possibility that you can launch directly into the games you own on the OnLive game service from a web link.

The process for creating such a web link is exactly the same as for the game demos, but the OnLive client now detects if you own that game and launches you directly into it.

Let's say you wanted to get directly to your Homefront game on OnLive, the link would look like this: or if you wanted to get into a game that has whitespace characters like Just Cause 2, replace the whitespace characters with dashes, the link would look like this:

Basically you just have to add the name of the game after this web address:

This brings in the possibility that you create desktop icons for your games on OnLive just like they were installed on your computer. Simply type in the web link of the game, name the icon and if you want, find an icon of the game on the net or create an icon from a picture of the game. More info here.

You can of course link to your games on a web page or if you find an advertising link for the OnLive demo version of the game on a web page click on it and if you own the game, the full game will start up powered by OnLive.

The other new thing is, that when you launch the OnLive client from a web link, the sign in process skips the sign in button and automatically proceeds with the sign in process. You only have the option to cancel. The annoying thing is, that when you click cancel it deletes your account information and you have to retype it regardles if you start up the OnLive client anew. I think, OnLive could handle this a little better.

Looks like OnLive is streamlining the demo launch process in light of the GameSpot demo partnership and a push to include OnLive demos on other pages.

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