Thursday, 25 August 2011

OnLive is Giving Away Free Game Systems To PAX Attendees Who Tell Them Their Player Tags

OnLive is set to have a booth at PAX 2011, and as an incentive to get more people to check them out, they are giving away free OnLive game systems.

In a tweet that came from OnLive earlier today, they said, “Everyone who visits our booth and tells us their Player Tag gets a FREE OnLive Game System! Be ready!”

Quite an impressive offer for merely attending PAX any day from tomorrow, August 26 until Sunday, August 28, 2011. If you plan on attending, you must visit OnLive’s website and sign up free, prior to requesting your free game system at the show.

OnLive will be located at Booth 258, and people visit them and let them know their OnLive Player Tag will be eligible. All visitors that follow these steps will get an OnLive Game System valued at $99.

Also, OnLive will be holding a daily “Golden Ticket” drawing in which they will be giving away an iPad 2 as well as a trip to Pax East.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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